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Glenn foster known as the Father of the Kinesic’ Interview Technique has developed a web-site and a weekly tip. I had taken Glenn’s course back 20 years ago while i was a investigator for the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.  I not only found it the most useful class I have taken in my 23 years on this job, but it has inspired me since to study and adapt body language into the awareness, decision making and survival training workshops we at LESC do.

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Message from Glenn

Over my 30+ years of interviewing I’ve made thousands of small observations of human behavior that have proven useful when trying to get to the truth. At times, and in a given context, they are explainable.  At other times the reasons for these mannerisms/foibles totally elude me – nevertheless they exist, are observable, and may just give you that extra little insight into your subject’s mind.    

Here are some more behaviors that will help you to gauge the interview subject’s attitude before a word is even spoken:

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