The Body Language of Good Ol' St. Nick | Law Enforcement & Security Consulting

Non-verbal communication and recognizing the signs and signals of crime and danger is a big piece of what I do in my training programs and workshops.

In my efforts to keep up with and learn as much as possible about this topic and how it applies to decision making, I subscribe to numerous newsletters including Body Language News by Patti Wood.

In this weeks issue she has a fitting description of Saint Nick, his body language and the message it relays. 

Then St Nick comes down the chimney, “…with a bound.” I love that nonverbal behavior. The action “bounding” makes me see this red and white decked guy bouncing from house to house as if the fire place was a trampoline. This nonverbal detail lets us know that he is fun guy having a good time at work.

A fun and positive message for Christmas with lessons to learn as well. Take a look

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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