Col John Boyd's Apr 1991 testimony on U.S. Military Reform After Operation Desert Storm | Law Enforcement & Security Consulting

The committee heard testimony in one of a continuing series of hearings on U.S. defense policy following the end of the Cold War and the Persian Gulf war. Specifically, the committee sought to analyze plans for reform of the U.S. military in light of its performance in the Persian Gulf war.

Plans for reform in the early 1980’s called for a less bureaucratic military system with technologically advanced weapons systems to outmaneuver rather than overwhelm enemies in combat. Reform movements concentrated on improving three aspects of military preparedness: people, strategy and tactics, and military hardware. Col. Boyd said the results of the Persian Gulf war indicate that the U.S. military has taken long strides toward getting the right people using efficient hardware with strategic effectiveness. Discussion continued on the use of both old and new weapons systems in the Persian Gulf war.

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