…TEAM BUILDING (Basic Small Unit Leadership, Teamwork and Tactical Training–BSULTTT)

WHO: Law enforcement professionals, tactical operators seeking refresher training, any first responder, military personnel, and private executive security agents who seek basic fundamental proficiency in tactical operations, while receiving hands-on, practical experience on team-building and team leadership.

WHAT: 8 solid hours of tactical training featuring AirSoft (customized, authentic, semi-auto/auto M4 rifles converted for AirSoft) “force-on-force” drills and reality-based missions. This is a dynamic, cerebral, no-nonsense team-building and team leadership tactical operations training course. Training will provide participants with a fundamental knowledge of tactical operations from which to build upon. It will also teach participants how to operationally employ him/herself individually or up to a 10-man team in an actual/tactical scenario, thus complementing firearms qualification courses. Officers desiring to be Mission Commanders and are willing to do some preparation n their own time are encouraged to let the instructor know when RSVPing. This is First-come-first serve

Subjects Covered:

• Fundamentals of Team building and Team Leadership/ICS and applying them toward: • Fundamentals of room-clearing–rooms, hallways (parallel and non parallel rooms), stairwells, large open spaces, intersections, close quarters, tactics in an outdoor environment, room softening techniques, room entry techniques, cover and concealment, Diamond and “T” formations, “over-watch” techniques, bounding-“over-watch,” tactical movement, “fire and maneuver”/”fire and movement,” stacking up, noise and light discipline, dominating positions, entry techniques, vulnerable areas, tactical control techniques, tactical command and control, anti-“Active Shooter (QUAD)” tactics, and many more subjects • AirSoft Safety • AirSoft weapons manipulations for room-clearing • Basic combat shooting techniques (firing AirSoft rounds) • Classroom lecture on tactical methodology and human physiology during a deadly force-encounter • Tactical movement • Cover/Contact drills • Man-Down drills • Tactical fire commands • Hand & Arm signals • Radio procedures • “L” Ambushes • Challenge and password–IFF (ID friend or foe) • Mission planning/intel analysis • Operations Order (receipt and delivery of) • After-Action Review (AAR or “hot-wash”) • Execution Matrix • Team leadership/tactical decision making (every participant rotates into a leadership position throughout the course) • Authentic missions exercises and critiques (“Hot washes”)

• Force-on-Force scenarios (from 9 on 1 down to 5 on 5)

Tentative Time-line

0745 Meet at the Walpole facility

0800-1000 Classroom, tactical teams, leadership and operations discussion (get the theory down)

1000-1010 Safety lecture

1010-1100 AirSoft handling/shooting techniques, tactical movement, crossing vulnerable areas (outdoors)

1100-1200 Room Clearing I (includes many reps to instill “muscle-memory”)

1200-1220 Lunch (2-3 large pizzas and 2-3 bottles of large soda will be provided to augment your bag lunch)

1220-1330 Room Clearing II (includes many reps and anti-“Active Shooter” police training–QUAD system)

1330-1600 Mission Scenarios (all missions will feature appointed team leaders, AirSoft “force-on-force,” mission planning, receipt and issuance or Operations/Fragmentary Orders, buddy-aid, “intel” gathering and analysis, and After-Action Review “Hot-washes”)

1600-1615 Closing remarks/graduation

(this will be a solid, 8-hour tactical operations and tactical leadership/team building training course with minimal down-time, fire hose-to-the-mouth effect)

WHEN: From 0745 to 1600, Wed, 9/26/2012

WHERE: Xtreme Action Sports, 153 Washington St, E. Walpole, MA 02032

WHY: Whether responding to a local 911 or being America’s 911, public safety requires police, military and private executive security to be ready to respond to exigent incidents requiring tactical proficiency. This course will enable participants to achieve invaluable hands-on, tactical/anti-terrorism experience while also developing their tactical, and operational leadership and teamwork skills toward their primary duties. Participants will also bond with their colleagues while broadening their tactical resumes. The participant will achieve enhanced proficiency, confidence and decisiveness while engaging in safe, dynamic tactical training.

INSTRUCTOR: Major Rich Kuong, USMCR (ret), is a former infantry officer in the US Marine Corps, “America’s 911” and corporate manager/trainer. Prior to the Marines, he conducted a brief stint in law enforcement where he was decorated 4 times (twice for saving lives, once for valor during an armed domestic, and once for community service). An executive security agent since 2002, Kuong has also been a tactical command and tactical operations instructor for law enforcement SRTs (Special Response Teams), US Coast Guard tactical boarding teams, local FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) personnel, and executive private security agents. He has also advised a State Police special operations unit on tactical and anti-terrorism projects.

TUITION: $125 per officer with a $50 non-refundable deposit mailed in advanced by the below deadline or $150 per officer paid at the door.

RSVP: Being a true tactical operator (or professional at anything) requires being decisive and possessing character and integrity. Therefore, please confirm attendance and have down payment post marked NLT 5:00 PM, Wednesday, 19, Spetember 2012 (decisive) to richardskuong@aol.com, 781-223-3979, 7 Ash St, Natick, MA 01760. If you verbally commit you are expected to honor your word to participate (character and integrity), as your absence will directly affect the training quality for your colleagues–be a team-player.

GUARANTEE: The instructor backs his reputation on the merits of this course. He guarantees you will say at the end of your experience: that it was worthyour time invested, that you learned more about yourself, teamwork and leadership, that you gained something valuable from the experience, and that you were glad you did it.

WAIVER/REALEASE FROM LIABILITY FORM: In order to participate, the AirSoft facility and the instructor require a signed, waiver/release from liability formper each participant. Therefore, please print-out, sign and bring with you on the training date.

Click here: http://www.xapb.com/xtremewaiverrevised2012.pdf

Talent wins games. But [leadership] teamwork and intelligence wins championships–Michael Jordan

Bravery has always defined what the rest of us wish to be. But bravery is misunderstood. It is not the absence of fear, but the will to overcome it–USMC

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