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The highlight of the Harvard Army ROTC Leadership Conference was the Adaptive Leader Program, facilitated by Fred Leland and Will Foley, which was filled with interactive Tactical Decision Exercises, peer assessments and lively analytic discussions that challenged the cadets to think critically and creatively in order to solve complex and ambiguous problems. Fred and Will kept the students engaged throughout the exercise and forced the cadets to work together in high-pressure situations to develop solutions to problems and make difficult decisions with incomplete and sometimes contradictory information. Thanks to Fred and Will for facilitating an excellent event! ~Peter F. Godfrin Jr. Lieutenant Colonel, US Army

We have had the pleasure of having Fred Leland as an instructor as part of our annual in-service training for the past three years. Fred has challenged us to think and engage in discussions and exercises to help make us better problem solvers, decision makers and to better understand the dynamics of human behavior and encounters. As we are volunteer officers, we also have careers outside of Law Enforcement, and have found that principals we have learned are very applicable in the workplace as well.

Aux. Captain Marc Spigel
Framingham Police

“Training was top-notch and professional. The enthusiasm Fred has for the subject, combined with his many years of relevant experience, is evident to the audience and adds tremendous weight and significance to his presentation. Fred was particularly adept at engaging the Marines in the discussion, which resulted in a positive learning experience for them. Multiple members of the audience were asking for his contact information at the conclusion of the 90 minute training session.”

Major Ed Kinsella and the Marines of 1st Battalion, 25th Marines, Fort Devens Detachment

“As a law enforcement officer of over 22 years, I am quite impressed with the content of the LESC trainings and the knowledge and experience of Fred Leland (principle trainer). Fred is a dynamic speaker who incorporates many years of law enforcement experience with practical tips on how to deal with the smallest to the more complex situations that we as law enforcement officers deal with every day. The LESC trainings have been instrumental in preparing our law enforcement officers as well as members of our administrative and threat assessment teams. The information has proven to be invaluable in the area of threat assessment and response. With over 100 law enforcement trainings under my belt, it is sometimes difficult to find a speaker that holds my interest. Fred is one of those trainers that keeps you alert and interested throughout his presentation. The hardest decision I have to make is which LESC training to schedule every year. They are all so good. I highly recommend LESC’s training and trainer(s). “

Karen L. Kolimaga Chief of Police

Mt. Wachusett Community College

“I had the pleasure of having Fred Leland conduct a training program for my department. I can say, without a doubt, that Fred is one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable and informative instructors that I have worked with in my 27 years in law enforcement. He is a visionary professional who brought new and fresh ideas to the table.

All of my officers praised Fred’s techniques and hands-on methods. Each scenario was presented to the group as a challenge. With Fred’s leadership and encouragement, the officers were empowered by their ability to resolve a real world critical incident. Fred facilitated the after action reviews in which each officer felt comfortable discussing their performance and refining their approach.

Our department consists of ten full-time officers. Fred custom designed his training to fit our specific needs and asset constraints. This allowed the officers to train in a manner that reflected reality.

I would highly recommend Fred Leland to any agency seeking to impart their officers with novel, innovative ideas that will allow them to have the confidence to bring a significant event to a successful conclusion.”

Sergeant Warren J. O’Brien Boxborough Police Department 520 Massachusetts Avenue

Boxborough, MA 01719

The session was very applicable to the duties associated with the field Troopers of the Department of Public Safety, Division of Alaska State Troopers. The instructor, Fred Leland, being a career police officer provided credibility to the topic at hand. He provided realistic views of the mindset of law enforcement officers and applications being provided to the public from LEO’s and also of those from management down to field officers.

Many of the principles of the Boyd Cycle are ones being practiced by this group of attendees; however, it was beneficial to see the concept and a structured format which was provided by Lt. Leland. It reinforced concepts, provided additional insight, and provided the ability of our field troopers to seek out additional information in the future from the Boyd Cycle.

Lt. Leland’s website provides much additional resources to help in the growth of LEO’s in the profession and he is willing to share this information with all within the profession regardless if they attend a training session of his.

Our session was composed of a day and a half and seemed to be appropriate for the material being presented. It provided attendees opportunities to ask questions and have open discussion which was meaningful to the group. At no time did I feel we needed to rush on to the next block of instruction.

The most beneficial segment for me was the scenario based instruction, which involved an organized group of armed terrorist holding up in a Mall. Our group deployed the resources available to the scene to respond to the threat. During the session much was learned within the group, after the session some good input was provided by Lt. Leland on this event which provided my Troopers with some solid tools for future situational awareness.

Lt. Leland is a very good speaker, he stays engaged with his audience and the flow of information is well disseminated. His knowledge of the topic is oblivious, which puts him at ease as a presenter. He does not need to refer to power points or read from a typed text. He could teach these subjects off of recollection.

With regards to his ability to produce a product that is marketable and a fair value, I believe his services warrant what he asks in compensation. He was provided short notice to instruct and travel a great distance from the East Coast to Alaska. He was timely in all matters during this relationship, professional, and provided so much meaningful additional resources for all who attended. He followed up with all who attended and is truly interested in the success of the learning process with regards to these topics and the general well being of our law enforcement officers. It was a pleasurable event and would welcome a future session with Lt. Leland and the Law Enforcement & Security Consulting. I truly believe the Boyd Cycle is applicable to not only law enforcement but any profession.

Captain Steven Arlow Alaska State Troopers 4500 West 50Th Ave.

Anchorage, AK 99502

“The skills, tactics, and insight that Fred Leland taught me while attending his classes proved to be some of the most valuable training and information I received in my career. To physically survive a critical incident as it unfolds and to cope psychologically and emotionally in the aftermath, Police Officers need the necessary tools and training. LESC trains officers on the street to deal with the most volatile situations we encounter. They combine tactical training, mental acuity and scene recognition to provide invaluable insight and preparation for dealing with a force situation as well as its aftermath. The next step in the evolution of modern policing must certainly include the insight LESC can provide.”     Ronald A. Sellon    Sergeant Mansfield Police Dept.

Recipient, Massachusetts Coalition of Police 2008 Presidents award winner

“Fred is the type of leader our nation needs, not only in law enforcement, but in any organization that wants to evolve with its operating environment; which is changing at lightning speed. While Fred credits my work, it is easier to advise on the “how-to.” Fred has actually had the strength of character to implement new ideas to make his policemen and women better at their difficult job.”
   Don Vandergriff
   Private Consultant

“Fred has been associated licensed to use our materials for some time and is a pioneer in bringing Sun Tzu’s strategic principles to law enforcement.”
   Gary Gagliardi
   Founder and Co-Owner, Science of Strategy Institute

“…terrorism continues to be a huge problem and having the opportunity to attend this type of training is very helpful in both awareness and enforcement efforts. I would highly recommend this class to all law enforcement agencies.”
   Lieutenant Mike Froio
   Bridgewater State College Police

“The overall program was very professional due to the knowledge and expertise of the instructor, Fred Leland. He was able to create a relaxed and informal climate for the participants that allowed them to feel comfortable asking questions and making comments. The interruptions never interfered with the presentation and Fred was always able to answer questions, give examples and then transition effortlessly back into his material.

It was apparent throughout the two-day training that Fred has a passion for teaching the Boyd Cycle to law enforcement and security personnel. He fully understands the concepts and is able to convey their meaning to others. His sincerity and commitment was obvious to everyone in attendance. All participants remained engaged and never lost interest in the subject matter. Fred’s enthusiasm certainly attributed to their positive interaction and attentiveness.

Fred Leland is a dynamic presenter. He is thorough, knowledgeable, professional and committed to his subject matter. There was only one downside to his training for the Williams College Campus Safety and Security Department; simply stated, it should have lasted four days rather than just two.

One of the most impressive aspects of Fred Leland’s presentation is his ability to engage the audience. He possesses full knowledge of the subject matter and relates it to real life experiences so everyone can make the connection; concepts become reality for the audience.

Without any hesitation or doubts, Fred Leland will be invited back to Williams College to provide additional training for the CSS staff.”
   Jean Thorndike    Director of Campus Safety and Security

   Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts

“I have taught and attended classes with Fred. He is an outstanding Instructor and has an uncanny knack at making his students understand the concepts he is teaching by including them in discussion and by providing real life examples. He truly cares about his work and it shows. He is a strong leader and commander both at his police agency and in his consulting business. His knowledge of tactics, and more importantly, the history and mechanics behind them, is top notch.”
   Sergeant James West
   Franklin Police Department

“…Passionate, enthusiastic; unique perspective and experience was important to have exposure to; clearly an expert in this area lending to high credibility among the group.”
   Betsy Newman
   Dean of Students Babson College

“I manage the New England Contract for Security Consultants Group. I have done this for two years. This is a Federal Security Contract for the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Service. During this time I have had several instructors to teach our security officers. I was fortunate enough to bring Fred Leland of Law Enforcement and Security Consulting Inc. on board a year and a half ago. I hire only the best qualified candidates for a position with SCG and now I have the best qualified instructor to conduct the month of training that is required for each candidate. I was a Command Police Officer for thirty years and I have two College Degrees and without a doubt Fred Leland is the very best instructor that I have ever seen. The training my Security Officers receive is more up to date than the training many Police Officers receive in matters of Homeland Security. Approval was given to me by the Federal Protective Service almost immediately when I proposed bringing in Fred Leland to teach on this Federal Contract. Fred has the highest respect and reputation with members of Federal Law Enforcement. Fred Leland conducts various training for me on a quarterly basis. This training consists of a 72 hour Basic Security Officer Course, 40 hours Firearms Course, Baton Training, Handcuffing Training, Chemical Spray Training, Firearms Qualifications, 40 Hour Refresher Training and Handling Dynamic Encounters.”
   Lance Woodward
   Security Consultants Group, Inc.

“The training that Fred provided to the company, I had previously managed was outstanding. He always brought real world scenarios and training ideas to my security officers. I was always asked for additional training from Fred as all of my officers enjoyed his enthusiasm and energy when teaching. His materials have been used several times by myself while deployed with the US Army National Guard in peace enforcement operations where the use of too much force could destabilize a whole region. I would whole heartedly recommend Fred for any training need you may have.”
   Kevin Maloney Shift LT
   Response Team Leader at Entergy Nuclear Corp

“Fred is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent resource on many topics impacting not only the law enforcement community but the private security industry. He gives excellent presentations and is a vibrant and energetic speaker.”
   Kathryn White
   Bank Officer

“I have had Fred address my staff as a security consultant. His presentation was professional and he spoke as the expert he is. I would highly recommend him as a consultant, trainer or speaker.”
   Skip Brandt
   Director of Security at Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers Greater Boston Area

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